This is Pilar Manzano

I edit written material —in Spanish and in English— with care… this is what your product and your audience deserve.

My purpose is helping to model your texts so that you transmit the passion you feel for what you do.

📌 Here to help with all your editing needs through Editing with Care

Benefits of working with me

You have found a therapist who edits a wide range of texts.

You can enjoy more free time to help more people.

Your written material shines and you connect with your audience.

You communicate in a simple and clear way.

You make a difference with quality texts.

Your webpage content with all these ingredients is the image you are going to project to be chosen.

The editor and therapist combination makes me your ideal linguistic support

How to get these benefits?

With the newsletter, where you will find editing advices and tricks

With my editing service detailed and personalized: I listen and transform your texts adapting them to your needs

I offer clarity in your communication, transmitting the values we share of collaboration, respect and help

Words and the result achieved with energy are my passion, and I want to share it with you because I feel connected with your mission.

This is what they think about the quality of my job

John Curtin

Presidente de la Federación española de Reiki

Presidente de la Fundación Sauce

“Pilar is a great professional who cares about doing a quality job in compliance with what the client needs. Her professional ethics and her quality as a person are the main characteristics to do her best in every job she delivers”.

Mar Castelló

Director Clinical Research

Regional Clinical Quality Manager

“After publishing my second book, although the publisher reviewed it a couple of times, I was extremely pleased with Pilar when she found out in her proofreading, plenty of mistakes and parts that needed improvements. I’m very satisfied with the splendid job of proofreading and editing made by her. I’m glad to have met such a positive, friendly and professional person. Thanks a lot! And don’t go too far, I need you to proofread my third book, and this one is in English”.

Manuel Muñoz Soria

System Administrator at HELLO! Magazine. London

Writer, poet and thinker, with 2 books published

How I got here

First, I am thankful for having been able to work during more than 26 years 🙏🏼

Throughout so many years working mainly in an office, sometimes you don’t realise you are suffering an anxiety crisis. When you have done the work of two people, without complaining, the drops keep overfilling the glass. The first time I had an anxiety crisis, I was exhausted and felt lost, but when I had the second one, I thought: “this is it, this is the last time”, then ReiKi came into my life when it had to, like everything✨

The first step I took was to hand in my notice and move to live in England, where I spent one of the happiest years of my life: feeling free, making life-long friends, having rewarding experiences… I’d 100% recommend getting out of your comfort zone.

Curious by nature, I’ve been learning new things while working. And since my first journey to England, I feel lucky to have been able to travel to 15 countries, and there are more yet to be explored! ✈️

I am a translator, interpreter and editor, besides teacher of Spanish and English as foreign languages, i.e. a passionate about languages. I love being able to communicate in both languages and keep discovering SSL (Spanish Sign Language: the one I fell in love with from the very beginning).

I have a diploma in Translation, and although specialized in legal translation, life took me to the field I was born for…

… besides languages, my other passion is personal development and energy therapies.

I am grateful for having begun this path in September 2010; I’m a therapist and ReiKi master, and I practice self-Reiki every day.

As years have gone by, I have been discovering with happiness how these therapies are becoming more and more well-known. It is gratifying to have introduced people to ReiKi, theory and practice, since teaching and widening people’s awareness means a great privilege, besides a great responsibility.

In 2016 I took a decisive step: I left everything to dedicate myself to my passions.

I remember having thought many times: “I should work as a proofreader”💭 because I used to find all typos in the companies which I’ve worked for. It is something natural… I’ve always tended to correct.

Why two hands together?

Gratitude is an essential part of my life, that is why I chose for my logo two hands together in Gassho position: symbol of respect, humility and gratitude

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