Proofreading Coupons

Proofreading Coupons

Ideal for short texts: ℹ️ maximum 2,000 words.

The larger the number of words, the greater the discount will be.

Choose the coupon depending on how much you write within a year.

Perfect for articles, presentations, emails, newsletters, social network posts, webpage content, Spanish translations, tales, short stories, etc.

A good calculation on the approximate number of words you write a year would be a wise way to choose the most convenient option.

Have you run out of coupon words? Renew it choosing again the most convenient to adapt to your needs.

With this service …

Your texts will be checked twice and, therefore, ready for its delivery between 2 and 5 days, weekends included.

You provide quality to your clients.

You can relax, since you leave it in good hands… and good eyes 👀🙂

You have more time for other activities.

Moreover, you can learn and find out about possible deep-rooted mistakes.

Proofreading Coupons price list

5,000 words

disc. €10
10,000 words

disc. €35
20,000 words



1 year validity coupons.

Prices without VAT.

Final steps ...

After deciding the Coupon you need, when clicking in your choice it will take you to the Booking Form where you confirm your order and then I contact you for the final simple step.

Once the Coupon is purchased, send me an email with the text to be proofread –ℹ️ remember: maximum 2,000 words per text– and, within a period of 2 to 5 days (depending on the length of the text), you will get it back… always done with care, the trademark of Editing with Care 💜🙏🏼.