Would you like to have more time to help more people?

Does it sound familiar? ...

You have less and less time to revise your texts.

Helping people motivates you, but editing does not.

Lack of time to dedicate to your texts prevents you from:

– Finding the appropriate words to reach your audience.

– Expressing yourself in a precise way to make people understand you clearly.

All this Stresses you out, Creates mental blocks and Prevents you from making progress!

... here I am to offer you my personalized and adapted-to-your-needs services

I edit a wide range of written material to make it shine, so you connect with your audience.

I proofread translations, articles, short texts so that they look professional, and bright with the power of editing.

I translate from English to Spanish articles of personal growth, helping to arouse curiosity and to understand its importance.

You will like to work with me if …

You need an editor-therapist who understands your needs, knows your audience, and listens.

You are looking for a quality job, done in a thorough manner, with all sort of details, and in a clear style.

Spanish is not your native language and you need your texts to be 👉 revised-proofread, plus collaboration on your communication projects.

You need to translate patient information sheets and informed consent sheets. I have experience due to more than 20 years working in the pharmaceutical sector.

“The 6 most common writing style mistakes”

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Tell me the problems you encounter and I find the solutions

📅 Book 👈 a free online session of 20 minutes where you can tell me what you would like to transmit through your content, and so I can advise you accordingly.

🔎 Once I have seen and evaluated the job, I note the improvements to be made, and prepare a budget adjusted to the proofreading and editing needs of your text.


Why choose me?

Because I am a linguist, I love words, and I choose them with care.

Because I am a professional Reiki therapist; practicing since 2010.

Because both areas are my passion, and I do my work with passion.

Because Editing with Care was inspired by both fields.

Let me help, taking care of your texts, and contact me:


Yes, but beforehand I must see or know what the text is about.

For example, I edit books 📚, but it depends on the content, on its field and on its technical approach.

Because I first analyse the text to check the amount of editing needed, so that I can estimate the price in a fair way.


It depends on many factors, and there are several ways of charging translation and editing jobs: per word, per page, per hour… many variants, but I always apply what benefits to both parts.


📌 In this Services section there is a subsection named Coupons to which you can access from the header clicking in the pull-down menu ˅, there you can see the characteristics and prices of the Proofreading Coupons (even easier: click on the underlined red words and takes you directly).


📌 You can also book a free online session in this page (a bit further up👆) to tell me what you would like to communicate.

Yes and no. I can be quick, but it depends on the time ⏰ I have got to do the job.

I accept urgent jobs but I like doing my best, therefore if after evaluating the project I see there is not enough time to perform a quality job within the given timeframe, I’d rather not do it, and I will let you know.

I translate mainly content of personal growth and of holistic therapies, although I also have experience in translating patient information sheets and informed consent sheets.


If the text you have to be translated is not too technical, you can send it to me or tell me what it is about , and then I will confirm you if I can do it.

My native language is Spanish, from Spain, therefore most of the material I have translated is from English to Spanish.


If you need to translate texts from Spanish to English, I’d send them to revise by colleagues whose native language is English.

📩 Write me to discuss your requirements.